About Cabinet Coudert

“Cabinet Coudert has been officially recognised as a family business with over one hundred years of successful trading. This accolade recognises our values of quality, sustainability and simple can-do expertise. It’s a marque of excellence but also certainty that we will continue in our endeavours. It’s a responsibility we bear every single day as we continuously strive to provide unrivalled experience for our private, industrial or bank clients.”
Sylvestre Coudert Founder

Besides forest management services, Cabinet Coudert has an innovating approach that matches the quality of services it provides as independent experts :
  • Safeguarding electricity distribution through effective management of vegetation. 
  • Surveys feasibility studies, land purchase plans, technical and economic analysis, import/export studies for wood industries.
  • Appraising properties and forest assets.
  • Fulfilling sale mandates for woodland areas, Cabinet Coudert sales and purchases of lands.
  • Training and development in forestry and timber production.