Coudert Forestry Management; Surveys, feasibility studies, land development

Localised forestry strategies, including

  • Analysis of existing forestry land
  • Evaluation of potential issues
  • Design and implementation of a tailored, forest strategy
  • Step by step consulting support

Our Products and Services

  • Forestry management contracts
  • Local development strategies
  • Personalized maintenance plans
  • Public consultation expertise
  • Facilitation of workshops and public meetings
  • Media relations handling and support

Wood for energy

  • Assessment and development of end to end timber production
  • Land purchase plans
  • Evaluation of existing assets (woodland, hedgerows and related products)
  • Import/export studies
  • Drafting necessary manuals and technical documents
  • Strategic studies relating to timber as an energy source

Our Products and Services

  • Specific tools for conducting forest inventories
  • Audits to assess operational implications and yield potential
  • Technical and economic analysis

Research papers in forestry, the complete timber industry and trees 

  • Preparing and implementing technical forestry plans
  • Expertise in the prevention, diagnosis and management of tree disease
  • Strategic studies into complete timber production
  • Carbon storage

Our Products and Services
  • Regulatory expertise relating to afforestation
  • Safety expertise
  • Development of innovative carbon related tools
  • Service plans

Training and development in forestry and timber production

  • Introduction to the complete world of timber production and related issues
  • Understanding of technical guidelines
  • Introduction to the range of people involved in the timber and forestry industries
  • Theoretical and practical forestry training 
  • Expert case studies (from Coudert)
  • Training in sustainable development

Our Offering

  • Immediate and long term training solutions
  • Train the trainer
  • Conference speaking and management
  • Supporting specific management projects and intern papers
  • Teaching for all levels