Managing your forest

Managing your forest

Coudert can support and advise you through every stage of forest management

Helping you understand your existing woodland

  • Identification and demarcation of your land; classifying tree stock varieties, providing inventories of your tree stock
  • GPS measurements of the total surface area including roads and tracks
  • Computerised mapping of tree stock, tracks, established forestry infrastructure and any notable attributes
  • Analysis of potential safety issues relating to trees 
  • Reviewing any environmental, landscaping or wildlife considerations
Managing your forest in a sustainable manner

  • Planning a forest management strategy which includes any necessary interventions and improvements.
  • Writing documents required for sustainable management  - Basic Management Guides, Codes for Good Forestry Practices, Regulatory Models for Management
  • Rolling management contracts

Making the most of your timber products

  • Taking timber consignments to market; stock inventories, identifying saleable timber, estimating quantity and potential value, direct sales, sales by restricted tender, bundled sales
  • Supervising timber extraction including site and supplier management
  • Evaluating the wider potential of forest; hunting, recreation, public use, environmental opportunities, environmentally managing on site water sources
Developing your woodland

  • General advice, georeferencing, work plans, competition between firms, supervising and managing timber extraction sites
  • Project management of forestry activity – cleaning of site, reforestation, creating access tracks and timber storage areas
  • Design and project management of specific improvements (wildlife development and protection, landscaping)