Investing in Forestry

Investing in forestry

Coudert can support you at every step of forestry buying or selling 

Investment advice

  • We can help you to define your research criteria based on your specific objectives. Whether that is for timber production, tax offsetting, wildlife management, landscaping or environmental purposes
  • Analysis of your investment requirements combined with specific targeting of forestry options based on your personal needs
  • Placement – analysis of potential investment areas based on your objectives
  • Alignment with tax incentive schemes
  • Analysis of risks and potential security risks for capital invested
Research assignments based on specific criteria

  • Defining primary objectives
  • Rotation cycles
  • Levels of profitability
  • Ratios of production
  • Yield based on surface area

Analysis of identified areas

  • Economic assessment of chosen areas: forestry expertise which includes understanding core value, tree stock varieties, future value and potential hunting revenue
  • Audit of any legal, tax, technical or environmental factors relating to the chosen land
  • Studies outlining potential risks but also potential capital gains
  • Estimates of required investment and also expected revenue returns
  • Calculation of the expected rate of return
Fulfilling sale mandates for woodland areas, including

  • Validation of sale price
  • Compiling sales documentation
  • Distributing sale information to potential buyers
  • Collating offers
  • Negotiation support
  • Overseeing the process to the point of legal signing

Technical and sustainable management of forestry products

  • Programmes of forestry management covering  5, 10 or 20 years
  • Project management of forestry works
  • Specialist support in balance sheet and asset management including tax and sales tax documentation
  • Rolling management contracts